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Corporate Profile

Company name
Fukoku Corp.
In July, 1972


575, Nippa-Cho, Kohoku-Ku, Yokohama-Shi 223 0057
Main bank
• The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. / Tsurumi branch
• Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Yokohama Ekimae branch
• The Kawasaki Shinkin Bank / Nippa branch
Shuji Kuribayashi
Business description
• Manufacture and sales of Non power system JVD Vacuum Lift
• Manufacture and sales of Electric system DVD Vacuum Lift
• Manufacture and sales of Air system Quick Vacuum Lift
• Manufacture and sales of Beveling machine BCM and C Facer

Corporate History

July 1972
Established Fukoku Tsusho Co.,Ltd.
July 1974
Change the company name to Fukoku Corp.
April 1977
Started developing, manufacturing and sales of automatic weld bead grinding machine
November 1978
Started manufacturing and sales of portable beveling machine BCM-12
August 1979
Started developing a large sized beveling machine
April 1980
Started manufacturing and sales of a large sized beveling machine, BCM-25
July 1980
Participated in establishing Nihon Vacuum Lift, a joint venture company for the purpose of manufacture and sales of non power system Vacuum Lift from VACU-LIFT in Germany
April 1981
Started manufacturing and sales of Serrated Wheel, the disc type sander, under the corporation with Miyuki Sangyo. It was very first time to sell in Japan.
March 1982
Established the agent in US, EU and some other countries in Southeast Asia to start to export portable beveling machine
February 1983

Developed all positioned automatic welding equipment for aluminum ball tank of Liquid Natural Gas(LNG) tank, and started to export it to major shipyard in Korea and some other countries in EU

April 1994
To make BCM more compact, made all the models changed and released as BCM Series of BCM-mini, BCM-mini2, BCM-12N and BCM-16N
July 2008
Started to develop Quick Vacuum Lift which is condensed Fukoku's Vacuum Lift technology
August 2009
1.Established the business partnership agreement with VACU-LIFT in Germany in technology, manufacture and sales, customer service, maintenance and marketing. It is our first step as representative partner in Japan of VACU-LIFT who is the world leading manufacture of non power Vacuum Lift.
2.Started to manufacture and sales of a large sized beveling machine, BCM-20N.
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