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manufacturing and sales business

Aiming to be top maker of vacuum lifting tools
Non power system Vacuum Lift - No motive power is needed
Electric system Vacuum Lift - By safety designed pump unit
Air system Quick Vacuum Lift - Evolution model of Vacuum Lift
It is required high safety, high productivity and high workability to lift and transport the load. We have developed and expanded Non power system Vacuum Lift nationwide, and established a reliable position as Vacuum Lift maker. We also actively keep developing Electric system Vacuum Lift and Air system Quick Vacuum Lift, the new product. We will take on a further challenge aiming to be a top maker of Vacuum Lift to meet customers’ demand.
Making Beveling Machine BCM a global brand
BCM Series Beveling Machine BCM-mini2
Beveling Machine BCM-12N
Beveling Machine BCM-16N
Beveling Machine BCM-20N
We have supplied BCM for over thirty years both domestically and overseas to the factory working for beveling before welding. And we have achieved “Speedy”, “Noiseless” and “Clean” in beveling work. This is mostly benefiting machine to our environment and workers in the future. And now, we will send the information of BCM worldwide as a global brand.
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Maintenance business

We value customer's comment
We find customers’ comments through the maintenance the machines we sold. We value maintenance business because we can hear customers’ message from machine’s damage, life condition in overhaul. Those messages will be transmitted to the technology for newly developed machines and improvement. And then, those new products will be sent customers again. This circulation is just our maintenance business.
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Research and Development

Research and development work contributing to next Japanese industry
Today’s industry is remarkably becoming more unique and diverse in needs than in the past. In this rapidly changing industry, we have developed with our long-term accumulated know-how. We move ahead our research and development to meet diverse needs and to contribute to next Japanese industry with our technology and developing power.
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